Abaetetuba plaumanni Roewer
Abaetetuba plaumanni (Roewer, 1953), male, habitus, dorsal and lateral views. From Tourinho-Davis 2004b.









Abaetetuba Tourinho-Davis, 2004 is a genus of Gagrellinae, Sclerosomatidae with 4 (possibly 5) species from E and S Brazil.

Type speciesEdit

Prionostemma plaumanni Roewer 1953, by original designation - now Abaetetuba plaumanni (Roewer, 1953).


From Tupi abaete + tyba (place full of good people), referring to the Arachno-lab of the Museu Nacional, Rio. Gender feminine.


Note on Holcobunus luteipalpisEdit

(from Tourinho-Davis, 2004:164)

Roewer (1910) also described Holcobunus luteipalpis from Santa Catarina (margin of river Itapocu), with the very same color pattern of A. citrina. However, in the material examined from Southern Brazil, the only species identified from Santa Catarina bearing this color pattern was A. citrina. It is possible that H. luteipalpis and A. citrina are in fact the same species, then H. luteipalpis, described seven years later, would be a junior synonym of A. citrina. Also the new species A. lisei shares the same color pattern, and could even be identical to H. luteipalpis, but it was only found so far more to the south. These suppositions can only be verified by the examination of the type material of H. luteipalpis.

Additional images - GalleryEdit

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