Abel Pérez
Abel bahia
Abel Pérez. Image from OmniPaper project, taken by Adriano Kury in Bahia, 2005.




Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

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Abel Pérez is a Cuban arachnologist born in 15 February 1971. Besides Opiliones he also works on subaquatic speleology and systematics of Pholcidae.

Career Edit

Abel Pérez developed his Ph.D. project on Stygnommatidae under supervision of Adriano B. Kury in the National Museum in Rio. See also a [list of opilionologists formed by Adriano Kury] for other young scientists in the same generation with the same background.  After four years stay in UFRJ Campus Macaé (NUPEM) as adjunt professor (Zoology), he currently works in MACN, Buenos Aires. He is the editor of Laniatores of Zootaxa. [1]

Notable contributionsEdit

Pérez is responsible for detailed studies on male genital structure of Laniatores, especially the Samooidea groups. He is also author of Brazilian cave-dwelling species, and of families Escadabiidae and Icaleptidae.

External resourcesEdit

OmniPaper Article on Pérez, including opilio-publication list [2]

Abel Pérez Google Scholar. [3]

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