Acrobunus thorelli
Acrobunus thorelli Banks-1930a
Acrobunus thorelli Banks, 1930 - palpus (from original description)













Acrobunus thorelli Banks, 1930 is a member of the genus Acrobunus (Laniatores:Epedanidae).


A.t. Banks, 1930a:64[1]



(from Banks, 1930a[1])

Basal joint of mandibles without tubercles, second joint in front with a row of four tubercles bearing hairs. Trochanter of palpus with one small tooth above and one spine below, femur very long, wider near tip, below on basal part with a few short spiens, simple hairs near middle; patella long, below near tip with one oblique spine (one below shows from other side); tibia shorter than patella, with five spines below, the second rather short, the fifth very short, others very long; tarsus about as long as tibia, with four spines below, first short, fourth very short; inner side, femur with one small spine near middle, patella with two, one placed rather below than on the side; tibia with three long spines, tarsus with two fairly long and a third very short.

Cephalothorax smooth; spine of eye-tubercle long, slightly curved forward, not more than one-half its height from the front margin. Legs moderately long; body about twice as long as broad, slightly broadened behind; coxae I and II with a row of a few tubercles. Body yellow; a dark streak over bases of legs; mandibles yellow; palpi mostly dark, much netted; legs mostly dark, more or less netted, the bases of femora pale, base of tibia and much of tarsus pale, the extreme tip of tarsi snow-white; tarsi III and IV with snow-white scopula, these claws not distinctly toothed.

Body 5.5 mm. femur of palpus 4 mm. Femur I 4.5; II 9.5; III 7; IV 9 mm.


  • Location: Borneo (Mount Dulit, Sarawak; 3°20′N 114°09′E)[1]



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