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Amanda Mendes
Amanda Mendes
'Amanda Mendes, MNRJ, Rio, 2004




Brazil, Rio, RJ

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Amanda Cruz Mendes is a Brazilian arachnologist, born in 3 February 1983, active from the early 2000s. Graduated UFRJ, xxx Supervised by Kury xxx

Main contributionsEdit

Mendes published among other works a cladistic analysis with a review of the Heteropachylinae (2011), a study on the connection between African and South American Ceratomontia (Mendes & Kury 2012). She also co-authored a paper on nomenclatural status of European genera of Travuniidae (Kury & Mendes 2007).

External linksEdit

Amanda Mendes on OmniPaper Project.[1]

Amanda Mendes on Research Gate. [2]

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