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Anelasmocephalus cambridgei (Westwood, 1874) UK by Paul Richards
Anelasmocephalus cambridgei (Westwood, 1874) UK by Photo Copyright © Paul Richards from flickr [1].







Anelasmocephalus Simon, 1879 is a genus of trogulids withy 13 Palearctic species, concentrated around the Mediterranean.

Synonymy Edit

  • Anelasma Sørensen 1873: 519 [praeocc.] [type species: Anelasma lycosinum Sørensen, 1873, by subsequent designation of Thorell (1876: 468)].
  • Anelasmocephalus Simon 1879b: 297 [valid replacement name for Anelasma Sørensen, 1873]; Spoek 1963: 9; Martens, 1978; Brignoli & Raffaelli 1978: 90; Schönhofer 2013: 49.
  • Rhexana Sørensen 1879: 124 (superfluous replacement name).

Etymology Edit

Anelasma from Greek αν- (absence) + έλασμα (metal plate; flat end of a probe). Gender neuter. Anelasmocephalus from Greek αν- (absence) + έλασμα (metal plate; flat end of a probe) + κεφαλή (head). Gender masculine.

Placement Edit

Anelasma originally in Trogulini (then equivalent to today’s Dyspnoi).


Distribution Edit

The genus is sympatrid with Trogulus l.s.; in Europe reaches Britain (only part of England), the Netherlands, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, seems to lack in Poland and much of the Danube-Balkan region. It is not clear whether it is present in the Iberian Peninsula, it is known from North Africa (Brignoli & Raffaelli 1978).

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