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Assamiidae Sørensen 1884 is a family of Paleotropical Grassatores with numerous subfamilies.

Mello-Leitão (1949) proposed that 4 of these subfamilies should be included in the separate family Trionyxellidae, but this proposal has not gained wide acceptation.

Placement and compositionEdit

Assamiidae was originally a monogeneric family. Thorell (1889[1]) included Maracandus (originally in Phalangodidae) and erected 3 new genera and later (1891a[2], 1891c[3]) added two more SE Asian genera one apiece. Sørensen (1896[4]) described four new African genera and synonymized Dampetroidae. Loman (1902) confirmed the inclusion of Dampetridae and added Samoidae to the synonymy, adding thus 3 former Samoidae of Simon and Sørensen (Badessa, Feretrius, Samoa) plus describing 8 new genera (Acanthophrys, Coelobunus, Conomma, Dicoryphus, Hypoxestus, Mitraceras, Monorhabdium, Polycoryphus).

Roewer (1912c[5]) notably misspelled the family name and made important changes to the Assamiidae – he restored the Samoidae, but as a subfamily of Phalangodidae (thus removing the 3 genera brought by Loman), included 2 former Ethiopian Epedanidae of Pavesi (Amhara and Sidama), removed Conomma (to the Phalangodinae) and Mitraceras (to the Samoinae), for the first time distinguished 3 subfamilies: Assamiinae, the old Dampetridae/Dampetrinae of Sørensen, and the new monogeneric Trionyxellinae.

Included subfamiliesEdit

Additional imagesEdit


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