Austromontia silv NCA 97-255 Groenkop 1
Austromontia silvatica Lawrence, 1931. Photo copyright A.B. Kury









Austromontia Staręga, 1992 is a genus of Triaenonychinae with 6 species, from South Africa.


Lawrence (1931)[1] included three species in Austromontia but did not designated any type species. The genus name was then unavailable because failed to comply with ICZN 13.3 (see below). Staręga’s (1992)[2] action of choosing one of them as the type first made Austromontia available because this complied with 13.1.2 and 13.3. Relevant provisions from ICZN article 13 are: To be available, every new genus-group name published after 1930 must (13.1.1) be accompanied by a description or definition OR (13.1.2) be accompanied by a bibliographic reference to such a published statement AND (13.3) be accompanied by the fixation of a type species in the original publication. As Staręga’s name is published before 2000, it does not have to meet the article (16.1): Every new name published after 1999 must be explicitly indicated as intentionally new.[3]


Close related to Austromontia, Ceratomontia (part, just the South African species[4] ), Monomontia and other genera classified as "Ceratomontia group" by Kauri (1961) [5]. This group is characterized by the presence of fine granulation on the ventral surface of the pedipalpal femur, differing from the "Roewerania group", which lacks such granulation[5][4]

Type speciesEdit

Austromontia silvatica Lawrence, 1931, by original designation



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