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Baramia echinosa
Baramia echinosa Banks-1930a
Baramia echinosa Banks, 1930 (from original description)













Baramia echinosa Banks, 1930 is a member of the genus Baramia (Laniatores:Podoctidae).




(from Banks, 1930a[1])

Differs from others of genus in having four bristle-tipped humps on dorsum instead of the four spines.

Eye-tubercle long, curling forward, acute, at base in front of the eye is a distinct process; dorsum with numerous short bristle-tipped tubercles, and behind two pairs of larger humps, with larger bristles at tip; coxae and venter covered with granules tipped with bristles, on venter in transverse rows. Legs of moderate length; leg 1 with few spines on trochanter, femur with long spines each side, above reaching tip, below with but two short spines before tip, but four very long ones on the basal half, patella with four above, and one near tip, tibia a little longer than patella, with three short spines above on basal half, and a small spinule near tip; metatarsus four-fifths as long as the femur; other legs with little bristles, on the femora arising from little granules; hind coxae with several bristle-tipped granules above. Femur of palpus with four spines, three on basal half, one toward tip, patella with long one toward tip, tibia with three long ones, tarsus with two spines, the basal the longer; the patella, tibia, and tarsus nearly subequal. Mandibles have a rounded hump on basal part near middle above second joint with three or four bristle-tipped humps on the front near base. Color reddish-brown.

Length of body 4.2 mm. legs 7, 15, 10, 14 mm.


  • Location: Borneo (Tuba Rios (Tubau), Sarawak; 5°43'N 116°41'E)[1]



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