Baramia longipes
Baramia longipes Banks-1930a
Baramia longipes Banks, 1930 (from original description)













Baramia longipes Banks, 1930 is a member of the genus Baramia (Laniatores:Podoctidae).




(from Banks, 1930a[1])

Runs to genus in Roewer's book, but has much longer legs than any others in the subfamily. Dorsum roughened with many tubercles, on abdomen near middle are two large spines and behind them a row of four spines, the lateral ones shorter and more blunt. Eye-region elevated into a great tubercle, roughened with little elevations, at tip distinctly forked. Mandibles of male elongate, reaching much above surface of cephalothorax, without spines or processes; palpi slender, femur with seven spines below on outer side, patella with one toward tip, tibia with three, tarsus with three, the last long and sinuous, claw not one-half of tarsus, tibia not much longer than patella, tarsus very much longer than tibia. Legs all very slender, roughened with little cornicles; leg I greatly elongate, femur about two-times the length of body, tibia fully two-thirds of femur, metatarsus more than one-half of the tibia; femur armed on both edges with numerous long spines out to the middle or a little beyond; Leg II with a few slender spines near the base, three or four on inner edge as long as width of the joint; femur III with one spine near base; femur IV with six or more spines on the basal half, some longer than width of the joint; coxa IV with four or five spines or denticles on outer side; coxae and venter granulate, the latter in transverse rows. All tarsi four-jointed except the first which is two-jointed, the second part scarcely divided.

Color reddish-brown, tarsi white.

Body 5 mm. long, legs 31, 29, 18 and 25 mm.


  • Location: Borneo (Brooketon, Brunei; 5°02'N 115°04'E)[1]



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