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Kusel, then Holy Roman Empire, now Germany.

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Carl Ludwig Koch was born in 21 September 1778 in Kussel. Later he established himself in Nuremberg.
It is usual in taxonomic works to refer to his name using the initials as C. L. Koch, to avoid confusion with his almost homonym son, L. Koch, also an opilionologist, although there is no overlapping of years in their publications.

Notable contributionsEdit

C. L. Koch was the leading arachnologist of his generation, producing an immense amount of published material mainly in the form of richly illustrated books.
He is the author of important names such as Cosmetidae C.L. Koch 1839; Sironidae C.L. Koch 1839.
He belonged to an epoch in that authors tried to imagine euphonic and meaningful genera names instead of the endless Roewerian series of Ortho, Meta-, Para-, -oides, etc. Some created by him are: Ampheres C.L. Koch, 1839; Asarcus C.L. Koch, 1839; Caelopygus C.L. Koch, 1839; Cynorta C.L. Koch, 1839; Flirtea C.L. Koch, 1839; Graphinotus C.L. Koch, 1839; Pachylus C.L. Koch, 1839; Paecilaema C.L. Koch, 1839.

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