Brazil is THE most diverse country in Opiliones.

It has the astonishing number of more than 1000 species of Opiliones. Maybe that's why there are so many people working on Opiliones there.

A checklist of Brazilian species may be found State by State in Kury (2003), but it is quickly becoming outdated by the sheer rhythm of discovery.

Brazilian repositories of type specimens of OpilionesEdit


Brazilian Taxonomists of OpilionesEdit

R.N. Carvalho
M.B. DaSilva
C.P. Ferreira
M.R. Hara
A.B. Kury
G. Machado
C.F. de Mello-Leitão
A. Mendes
R. Pinto-da-Rocha
S.T. de Piza Jr.
B. Soares
H. Soares
A.L.M. Tourinho
E.G. Vasconcelos

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