Opilio afghanum from Silhavy (1966) Opilioniden-Fauna Afghanistans
Dilophiocara afghanum (Roewer, 1960) from Silhavy (1966). Species endemic from Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.





Opilio diversity

6 species

There is no such checklist published. The one presented here, with only 6 species, is part of the forthcoming Catalogue of the World Opiliones, by A.B. Kury.

There is no harvestmen species endemic from Afghanistan. All the 6 species recorded are shared with one or more of the following: China, India, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.

“It is probable that some specimens, which Roewer (1960) had identified as O. parietinus from Afghanistan (there are no males) are O. afghanus instead.” (Šilhavý 1966b)[1].

Afghani species of OpilionesEdit



Egaenus kashmiricus Caporiacco, 1934[2]
Egaenus lindbergi (Roewer, 1960)[3]
Homolophus tibetanus (Roewer, 1911)[2]


Phalangium jakesi (Šilhavý, 1966)[1]
Rilaena hyrcana (Thorell, 1876)[4]


Dilophiocara afghanum (Roewer, 1960)[3]


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