Christian Komposch
Christian Komposch 1 2 by Gernot Kunz - cropped
Christian Komposch by Gernot Kunz [1], from Kunzweb Gallery [2] - cropped




Villach, Kärnten, Austria

Life Span


Publication Span


Komposch is an Austrian arachnologist, born in 22 June 1968, who concentrated on faunistics of the Alpine harvestmen. Member of the Ökoteam [3].

Notable contributionsEdit

Komposch contributed to history of Austrian arachnology, made some faunistic papers, described new species of Eupnoi and Dyspnoi, published an annotated checklist of Hungarian Opiliones.

External resourcesEdit

OmniPaper Article on Komposch , including opilio-publication list [4]

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