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MNRJ 7005 - Solarion LOW RES
Pseudophalangodes unicolor Roewer, 1912 from Brazil, photo by A.B. Kury.





The Cryptogeobiidae Kury, 2014 are a family of small Brazilian Gonyleptoidea, which diversity is heavily underestimated. They are typical dwellers of leaf litter in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. There are a few cavernicolous species [1]

Historical backgroundEdit

Roewer (1912) [2] created a new subfamily of Phalangodidae: the Tricommatinae, for species with trimerous basitarsus I. This subfamily served as repository for many unrelated taxa, later transferred to other families (Kury 2003) [3]. Kury (1992) [4] was the first to remove Tricommatinae from the Phalangodidae and to rank it a a separate family. Only much later, as a result of a cladistic analysis, Tricommatinae was recognized to be constituted by two unrelated groups, with most of its diversity belonging to an as yet undescribed family -- the Cryptogeobiidae (Kury 2014[5]).

Included generaEdit

S - undescribed genus MNRJ 4558

Undescribed genus. From Kury, 2014.

Kury[5] identified a large number of species that are currently undescribed, some of which appear to belong to new undescribed genera.


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