Cynorta albipicta Roewer, 1947 is a member of the genus Cynorta (Laniatores:Gonyleptoidea, Cosmetidae).

Taxonomy Edit

  • C.a. Roewer, 1947:18, pl. 6, fig 50

Specimens Edit

  • C.a. Holotype male, paratype male and 1 female: BMNH
  • C.a. Paratypes: SMF "paratypoide RII/1499/65a-b" (?? - specimens to verify - likely 2 females?)

Specifically, Kury (2003) lists as "type SMF RII 1499/65, holotype 1 ♂, 3 ♀ paratypes", but this is one less specimen than in the original description of Roewer (1947) who says "Amazonas: Santarem - 2 ♂, 3 ♀ - Typus (♂) und Paratypoide RII/1499/65.a-b". As of 2015, the NMH (BMNH) has 3 specimens in spirit, with the jar clearly labeled type. These are 2 adult males and 1 female, plausibly corresponding to the holotype (1 male) and 2 paratypes (1 male, 1 female). The later pen labelling -possibly by Roewer reads "1897.9.20.1310-100, Cynorta albipicata, Rwr. Type 2 male- 1 female. Lower Amazonas. F.O.P.C. Coll. Roewer det. 1929. No.7024". Another pencil label (perhaps older and by F. O. Pickard-Cambridge himself) reads "Cosmetidae, Lower Amazons 97.920.1310-? F.O.P.C Coll." There are then some final unreadable words. This leaves 2 syntype specimens unaccounted for, which could be in SMF as "65a-b", perhaps split away (perhaps by Roewer) from the original F.O.P.C. collections in NHM.

The SMF collection (online database) indeed lists an unknown number of 'syntypes' under 9901499-RII/1499-32.

Remarks - The BMNH 'syntype' specimens were collected by F. O. Pickard-Cambridge himself (or an associate such as the named Mr. Austin) during their voyage to the "Lower Amazons" in the steamship s.s. Faraday (Note: F.O.P.C. published an account of collected Araneae in June 1896). It is not clear how the locality of Santarém has become associated with the specimens, although indeed some of the F.O.P.C. collections were made there.

Diagnosis Edit

Description of male. - (from Roewer 1947, p.18)

Länge des Körpers 4.5, des 1.-4. Beines 15, 34, 19, 27 mm. - matt-glatt, 1.-4. Coxa bekörnelt, 4. Coxa dorsal-lateral unbewehrt. - Beine matt-glatt, 1.-4. Femur gerade, Zahl der Tarsenglieder 6, 12-13, 9, 10. - 2. Chelicerenglied des Mann stark aufgetrieben und das 1. Glied dorsal weit über- ragend. - Färbung des Körpers rostgelb, Scutum mit schwarzem Dornenpaar und weiß gezeichnet wie in Fig. 50; Beine rostgelb.

Length of body 4.5mm, the 1st-4th legs 15, 34, 19, 27 mm. - matt-smooth, 1st-4th coxa granular, 4th coxa dorsal-lateral unarmed. - Legs matt-smooth, 1st-4th femur straight, number of tarsal segments 6:12-13:9:10 - 2nd cheliceral-segments the male greatly distended and 1st segment dorsally pronounced. - Colour of the body rust yellow, scutum with paired black spines and white markings as shown in Figure 50;. Legs rust yellow.

Total length of body 4.5 cm.

Description of female. - x

Remarks - x


Additional comments by xx

Notes Edit

  • Location: BRAZIL "Lower Amazonas" (but in Roewer 1947 as BRAZIL Pará, Santarém).

References Edit

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