Cynorta conspersa
Cynorta conspersa (Perty, 1833), male neotype, by Kury, Villarreal & Sampaio, 2005.











Cynorta conspersa (Perty 1833) is the type species of the genus Cynorta (Laniatores:Cosmetidae)

Type dataEdit

  • Cosmetus conspersus: BRAZIL: male holotype, without further locality data (ZSMC?), lost.
  • BRAZIL: Pará: male neotype (designated by Kury et aç. 2007), Tucuruí (3.6903?S, 49.7213?W), April 1981, A.C. Domingos (MNRJ 6098).
  • BRAZIL: Pará: Cynorta mayi: female lectotype (present designation), 3 female paralec- totypes, without further locality data, E. May (MNRJ 1368)[1].

Diagnosis Edit

Dorsal scutum pyriform with scutal areas obsolete, area I with one granule each side, III with a pair of spiniform large tubercles. Cheliceral sockets of carapace shal- low, without laterofrontal projections. Chelic- eral bulla marginated laterally and posteriorly by a row of tubercles, ectal most developed. Basal tarsal segments I of the male slightly swollen. Femur and tibia IV much elongate, straight and unarmed. Tarsal counts: 6–7 (3), 12–16 (3), 8–9, 9–11. Tarsal claws III–IV unpectinate. Penis: ventral plate with lateral bor- ders straight and parallel, distal border con- cave, uncleft; with fourth distal curved setae cylindrical and flattened distally and three medial lateral setae; glans with a small ventro- distal projection, and dorsal process well developed; stylus with ventro-distal mat covered with very small pointed granulations[1].

Additional images Edit

References Edit

  1. 1.0 1.1 Kury, A.B., Villarreal-M., Osvaldo & Costa, Cristiano S. (2007) Redescription of the type species of Cynorta Koch, 1839 (Arachnida, Opiliones, Cosmetidae).

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