Dalquestia rugosa, female - Mt Woodson, San Diego county - Hedin
Dalquestia rugosa (Schenkel, 1951), female - Mt Woodson, San Diego county, from flickr. Photo copyright © Marshal Hedin [1].








Metopilio genus group

Dalquestia Cokendolpher, 1984 is a genus of the Metopilio genus group with 6 species from Mexico and USA.


Type speciesEdit

Eurybunus formosus Banks 1910, by original designation - now Dalquestia formosa (Banks, 1910)



Original diagnosis [Cokendolpher, 1984]Edit

Dalquestia differs from all known genera of Palpatores by the combination of the following characters : 1) palpal claws smooth, 2) lateral coxal denticle rows absent, 3) dorsal abdominal scutes fused, with seven rows of tubercles, 4) scent gland pores distinctly visible from above, 5) all legs with distinct longitudinal rows of tubercles, 6) tibiae angular in cross section, 7) femora lacking pseudo-articulary nodules, 8 ) penis with base of corpus greatly enlarged, and 9) glans an extension of corpus, junction immovable . Dalquestia is clearly a member of the unnamed assemblage in which Gruber (1969)[2] placed the genera Metopilio, Diguetinus, Eurybunus, and Globipes. Like Metopilio and Diguetinus, Dalquestia has rows of abdominal tubercles. Dalquestia differs from Metopilio and Diguetinus primarily by the angular cross section of the leg tibiae, and by having non-alate penes which have the corpus greatly enlarged. Dalquestia differs from Eurybunus and Globipes (note that there are some misplaced Metopilio spp . described or incorrectly placed in Eurybunus and Globipes) not only by the presence of abdominal tubercles, but by the characters mentioned above to separate Dalquestia from Metopilio and Diguetinus. Although it is of limited use, Dalquestia spp. have one or no pseudosegments on tibiae II. Two or more pseudosegments are known from other members of the assemblage.


  • Mexico & USA.


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