Emilio Antonio Maury
Maury EA
Maury, image from OmniPaper.




Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Emilio Antonio Maury (25 June, 1940, Buenos Aires, Argentina - 28 June 1998) was an Argentinean arachnologist who worked mostly with Scorpiones and Solifugae. Active with Opiliones in the decades of 1980 and 1990.

Notable contributionsEdit

Maury contributed mainly on Chilean Opiliones, mostly Triaenonychidae, also Pachylinae. Examples of genera described by him are: Nahuelonyx Maury, 1988, Picunchenops Maury, 1988 and Valdivionyx Maury, 1988.

External resourcesEdit

OmniPaper Article on Maury [1]]

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