Eupoecilaema panamaense dorsal
Eupoecilaema panamaense Goodnight & Goodnight, 1947









Eupoecilaema Roewer, 1917 is a genus of the family Cosmetidae, subfamily Cosmetinae.

Type species Edit

Eupoecilaema ornatum Roewer, 1917, by monotypy.

Species Edit

Diagnosis Edit

(from Roewer, 1917, for type male from Brazil)

Schlanke Tiere mit langen und dünnen Beinen. Abdominal-scutum: nur I. und III. Areae mit je einem mittleren Paare niedriger Tuberkeln besetzt, übrige Areae unbewehrt, desgleichen die freien Dorsalsegmente des Abdomens. Cheliceren klein und auch beim ♂ normal gebaut; II. Glied beim ♂ nicht aufgetrieben. Alle Beine lang und dünn; alle Femora gerade; basale Glieder des IV.  Beines beim ♂ mehr oder minder bewehrt. I.-IV. Tarsus mehr als 6 gliedrig, variabel; Basalabschnitt des I. Tarsus beim ♂ walzig verdickt und Endabschnitt des I. und IL Tarsus je 3 gliedrig.

Approximate english translation:

Lean animals with long and thin legs. Abdominal scutum: only 1st and 3rd tergites with low paired medial tubercles, other tergites unarmed, as are the remaining free dorsal abdominal segments. Chelicerae small and also in the male ♂ are normally build (?sized); II. Basal segments of legs at ♂ not distended. All legs long and thin; all femora straight; basal segments of the 4th legs of ♂ more or less reinforced (=armed or armoured). 1st- 4th tarsi more than 6 segmented, variable; basal portion of 1st tarsus (i.e., basitarsal segements) of ♂ with barrel like thickening*, and distal portion of the 1st and 2nd tarsus are 3 segmented.

Note, this contradicts Townsend et al. 2010 who indicate Eupoecilaema only have chelicerae enlarged in males, perhaps using the Costa Rica species Eupoecilaema magnum Roewer, 1933.

Reference Edit

Kury, A. B., 2003. Annotated catalogue of the Laniatores of the New World (Arachnida, Opiliones). Revista Iberica de Aracnología, Zaragoza, vol. especial monográfico, nº 1: 1-337.

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