Frontal hump is a term created by Kury (ref?) referring to a protuberance that many species of Laniatores possess on the anterior margin of the carapace. The term is more or less widely used, although it suffered much criticism.


From an unknown referee:

Why not use protuberance? You emphasise that you are not native English speakers and then rebut the advice from native English speakers that this word is not appropriate. There are many reasons why it is wrong. The reviewer points out the sexual connotations but this is not the only reason. It has many many slang meanings (to hurry, to be grumpy, to have sex, to carry, to heave, to be the difficult part etc) and therefore it is rarely used in English any more. The only exceptions are for very large mounds, eg, the size of the hump on a camel, or on a humpbacked whale... Hump is not an appropriate word for your small protuberance.