Gagrella andamana











Gagrella andamana Roewer, 1929 belongs to the genus Gagrella (A-B) (Eupnoi:Sclerosomatidae).



andamana: Andaman Islands (place), in reference to the type locality of this species.



Male: length of body 5, 1st to 4th femora 7, 13, 7, 9, 1st to 4th legs 32, 54, 30, 40 mm . Female: length of body 6, 1st to 4th femora 7, 11, 6, 8, 1st to 4th legs 27, 38, 25, 35 mm.

Surface of carapace, scutum and free tergites of abdomen uniformly granulated; ocular tubercle on each side above and below the eyes finely toothed; scutum with two median spines, one on each of the 1st and 2nd areas. Free sternites of abdomen smooth, not granulated; surface of 1st to 4th coxae coarsely granulated; edge of small humps of marginal rows of coxae with 5 small teeth. 1st article of chelicerae dorsally with 2—5 small teeth. Palps: trochanter and femur strongly toothed, patella dorsally toothed, medially without an apophysis, tibia dorsally toothed, 21 times longer than broad, tarsus in the male with a ventral longitudinal row of small granules. Legs: 1st to 4th femora finely toothed; number of noduli on 1st to 4th femora 0-1-0-0.

Colour of the body light-ferruginous, carapace and scutum some - what mottled with yellow on each side and behind the two darker spines on the scutum; ocular tubercle pale yellow, its median furrow darker, brown. Free sternites of abdomen pale yellow; 1st to 4th coxae darker brown, each with a pale yellow spot in the middle, and covered with white secretions. Chelicerae ferruginous, palps paler, but femur ventrally and the whole patella and tibia darker brown at their bases. Legs darker brown, femora and tibiae with several pale yellow ring-spots.


  • Location: Andamen Islands, Port Blair[2]
  • Hallan lists this species under Gagrellula


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