Gagrella longipes
Gagrella longipes Suzuki-1982e
Gagrella longipes Suzuki, 1982 (from original description)











Gagrella longipes Suzuki, 1982 belongs to the genus Gagrella (F-L) (Eupnoi:Sclerosomatidae).


  • G.l. Suzuki, 1982e:169[1]


  • G.l. female(1) + juvenile(1) (holotype + paratype): Personal collection[1]


(from Suzuki, 1982e[1])

  • Measurements: (in mm). Cephalothorax 1.6 L, 2.7W; abodmen 2.3W; total body length 3.5. Leg I: fe 10.8, pa 1.1, ti 9.2, mttta 26.0, total length 47.1.
  • Body: Of the form as in Fig. 2A. Carapace nearly smooth, only median area between anterior margin and eye tubercle and lateral curvature above third coxae granular; thoracic tergites, all scutal areas and free tergites uniformly and thickly granular. Scutum armed with two median spines (of about equal length) on first and second areas. Eye tubercle longer than high, slanting posteriorly, canaliculate, the carinae armed with five to six small teeth and below each eye with three teeth. Coxae, genital plate and free sternites smooth. Coxae with a row of small humps (Fig. 2H) anteriorly on I-IV and posteriorly on I and IV.
  • Chelicerae: Of normal structure; segment I armed with six to seven teeth above, I1 unarmed. Supracheliceral lamellae furnished with five to six tubercles.
  • Palpi: Very slender and elongated. Patella has a small but distinct apophysis, tibia slightly thickened distally but with no apophysis. Armaments as in Fig. 2E-F.
  • Legs: Noduli formula: 0.1.O.0. Trochanters with but few pointed teeth laterally, femora toothed throughout, patellae toothed only dorsally.
  • Coloration: Dorsum whitish yellow in ground color, with dark brown to blackish markings on carapace and scutum. The markings are as shown in Fig. 2A. Eye tubercle whitish yellow, dark brown around eyes, scutal spines blackish. Venter silvery-white, coxae smudged proximally with rusty brown, coxal humps dark brown; median area of genital plate and free sternites spotted with pale brown. Chelicerae yellowish brown, first segment somewhat darker. Palpi silvery-white, femur distally and entire patella dark brown. Trochanters of legs blackish brown, with two silvery-white patches dorsally (Fig. 2 I), remaining leg-segments rusty to dark brown, caputs of femora blackish, tibiae with wide apical ring of silverywhite. Ovipositor. Of 22 segments, seminal receptacles within third segment, of the form as in Fig. 2J.
  • Juvenile: Body length 3.0 mm. Apophysis of palpal patella fairly long, 1.5 times as long as the segment, tibia also has a long apophysis (Fig. 2 G), only hairy. Markings as in Fig. 2B.


  • male unknown[1]
  • Location: Thailand (Khon San, Chaiyaphum)[1]


  • Suzuki 1982e:169[1]

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