Gagrella metallica











Gagrella metallica Roewer, 1929 belongs to the genus Gagrella (M-P) (Eupnoi:Sclerosomatidae).



metallica = like metal, possibly in reference to the "shining" coloration of the body of this species.



(from Roewer, 1929b[1])

  • Male : length of body 5, 1st to 4th femora 8, 18, 7.5, 11.5, 1st to 4th legs 46, 88, 44, 58 mm.
  • Female : length of body 6.5, 1 st to 4th femora 9, 18, 8.5, 13, 1st to 4th legs 44, 92, 42, 58 mm.
  • Surface of carapace, scutum and free tergites of abdomen smooth and brilliant; ocular tubercle high, slightly inclined, unarmed, smooth; scutum with one median sharp and smooth spine on 2nd area; free sternites of abdomen opaque, smooth; surface of 1st to 4th coxae coarsely granulated, edge of small humps of marginal rows straight, blunted; 1st article of chelicerae dorsally smooth. Palps: femur ventrally with a lateral longitudinal row of small pointed teeth and ventro-medially with an equal longitudinal, but shorter basal row of small blunt teeth, patella dorsally scattered with small teeth, tibia about four times as long as thick, entirely unarmed, tarsus unarmed, but in male with a ventral longitudinal row of small teeth. 1st to 4th legs: trochanters entirely smooth, femora sparsely covered with scattered small teeth; number of noduli on 1st to 4th femora 0-1-0-0.
  • Colour of carapace blackish-brown, around the shining black ocular tubercle appearing as a pale yellowish triangle, the frontally directed point of which is traversed by a narrow black line. The two thoracic tergites and scutum with its spine and also the free tergites of abdomen very shining violet-blue; scutum on each side with a narrow testaceous longitudinal spot, which sometimes is continued on the free tergites and often is more distinct in the female than in the male. The free sternites of abdomen and 1st to 4th coxae dark brown, more or less covered with white secretions of skin. Chelicerae distinctly light yellow, the supracheliceral lamellae black in contrast. Palps light yellow, femur brownish. Legs: tronchanters and basal buttons of femora brilliant black, other limbs light yellow, 1st to 4th tibiae distally with whitish rings .


  • Location: Cherripunji, Shillong & Assam[3]
  • Hallan lists this species under Gagrellula


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