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Gagrella palnica











Gagrella palnica Roewer, 1929 belongs to the genus Gagrella (M-P) (Eupnoi:Sclerosomatidae).




(from Roewer, 1929b[1])

  • Length of body 5, 1st to 4th femora 8, 13, 7, 9 ; 1st to 4th legs 32, 55, 32, 44 mm.
  • Surface of carapace, scutum and free tergites and sternites of abdomen smooth, not granulated ; 2nd area of scutum with one median slender and short spine, 1st area of scutum with a low and small median hump ocular tubercle on each side frontally with 3-4 granules. Surface of 1st to 4th coxae smooth; edge of small humps of marginal rows of coxae straightly blunted. 1st article of chelicerae dorsally smooth. Palps: trochanter to tarsus wholly unarmed, smooth; patella with an inner apical apophysis. Legs in femoral region sparingly denticulated; number of the noduli on 1st to 4th femora 0-1-0-0.
  • Colour of the body and ocular tubercle pale yellowish; carapace, two thoracic tergites and scutum of each side metallic-green, spine of scutum blackish-brown with a median longitudinal stripe of the same colour running from this spine to the frontal margin of scutum. 1st to 4th coxae ferruginous; 1st to 4th trochanters and the basal buttons of the femora blackish-brown, rest of the legs, palps and chelicerae pale yellowish.


  • male unknown[3]
  • Location: India (Palni Hills)[3]
  • Hallan lists this species under Gagrellula


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