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Gagrella parva











Gagrella parva Roewer, 1929 belongs to the genus Gagrella (M-P) (Eupnoi:Sclerosomatidae).




(from Roewer, 1929b[1])

  • Length of body, 3, 1st to 4th femora 4 5, 7.5, 4.5, 6, 1st to 4th legs 20, 38, 20, 26 mm.
  • Surface of carapace, scutum and free tergites of abdomen densely granulated; ocular tubercle with a row of 6—9 teeth around each eye. Scutum with two median spines, one on each of 1st and 2nd areas. Free sternites of abdomen and surface of 1st to 4th coxae smooth, not granulated;edge of small humps of marginal rows of coxae straightly blunted. 1st article of chelicerae dorsally granulated. Palps: femur dorsally and ventrally covered with small teeth, patella dorsally with a few teeth and apically with a medial apophysis; tibia 52 times longer than broad, wholly unarmed, tarsus of male with a ventral longitudinal row of small granules. Legs: 1st to 4th trochanters and femora covered with small teeth; number of noduli on 1st to 4th femora 0-1-0-0.
  • Colour of body dorsally and ventrally ferruginous, scutum in the middle somewhat darker around the two black spines, but without a distinct band, or the entire scutum uniform blackish-brown; carapace and coxae partly covered with greyish secretions; chelicerae and palps ferruginous, tibia and tarsus lighter yellow; legs uniformly ferruginous.


  • Location: Myanmar (Heho River & Kambaiti)[2]
  • Hallan lists this species under Gagrellula (G. parra)



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