Gagrella thaiensis
Gagrella thaiensis Suzuki-1982e
Gagrella thaiensis Suzuki, 1982 (from original description)











Gagrella thaiensis Suzuki, 1982 belongs to the genus Gagrella (T-Z) (Eupnoi:Sclerosomatidae).


  • G.t. Suzuki, 1982e:171[1]


  • G.t. male(1) + female(1) (holotype + paratype): Personal collection[1]


(from Suzuki, 1982e[1]

  • Measurements (in mm): Cephalothorax 1.3L, 2.8W; abdomen 2.8W; total body length 4.1. LegI: fe 5.2, pa 1.0, ti 3.6, mt+ta 12.1, total length 21.9. Penis shaft 2.68L, 0.25W (base), 0.09W (middle), glans 0.25L.
  • Body: Of the form as in Fig. 3 A. Carapace, thoracic tergites, scutum and free tergites thickly and coarsely granular; scutum with two strong spines on first and second areas; spines erect, of about equal length and sparsely granulated. Eye tubercle, from laterally, longer than high, rounded above, canaliculate, on each carina present 3-4 pointed teeth, also below each eye with 3-4 ones. Coxae and genital plate roughly granulated, free sternites finely granular. Small marginal humps (Fig. 3G) present anteriorly on coxae I-IV and posteriorly on I and IV.
  • Chelicerae: Segment I armed dorsally with two or three sharp-pointed teeth, I1 with a medial row of small tubercles (Fig. 3D-E). Supracheliceral lamellae as in Fig. 3F.
  • Palpi: Patella widened distally but without apophysis, tibia a little thickened basally, slightly curved below; armaments as shown in Fig. 3C.
  • Legs: Relatively short; femora I and III longer than body. (In the female, although only one individual was used, both femora shorter than body.) Noduli formula: 0.1.O.0. Trochanters armed with sharp-pointed denticles laterally, femora with numerous denticles throughout, patellae dorsally and tibiae proximally with sparse denticles.
  • Coloration: Body and appendages almost blackish brown to black, only median area in front of eye tubercle reddish yellow and so the base of eye tubercle.
  • Penis: Shaft slender and long, widened proximally; ventral side of basal opening deeply indented. Alate part elongated, extending on the distal half of shaft, tapered into shaft distally and proximally; glans with two pairs of setae near distal end (Fig. 3H-J).
  • Female: Similar to male in general appearance, but patella and tibia of palpi armed with more numerous teeth and tarsus lacking the definite row of ventral teeth. Ovipositor. Twenty-two segments; seminal receptacles between second and third segments, of the form as in Fig. 3K.
  • Measurements (in mm): Cephalothorax 1.5 L, 2.8W;abdomen 3.2W; total body length 5.4. LegI: fe3.8, pa 0.9, ti 3.0, mt+ta 10.6, total length 18.3.


  • Location: Thailand (Khon San, Chaiyaphum)[1]


  • Suzuki 1982e:171[1]

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