The creative process of Roewer seems to have been designed as a series of Tables, where every name corresponded to a cell of the matrix.

This was reflected in the characters usedto create the genera as well as in the generic names themselves.

Roewer's influence over contemporary authors was so smashing, that in the 1930s and 1940s, many authors such as Soares, M-L, Redikortsev, Goodnight, etc, created Roewer-styled names.

Combinatory process of Roewer's generic namesEdit

Element 1: Greek prefix such as Meta-, Neo-, Para-

Element 2: Some nice name, created by older authors.

Element 3: Latin suffix, such as -oides, -ula, -ella.

By any combination of 1 + 2 + 3, an endless series of empty names was constructed.

Examples of such namesEdit

Cynortellana - Cynortellina - Cynortellula - Cynortesta - Cynortoides - Metacynorta - Metacynortoides - Metavononoides - Paracynorta - Metagryne - Paragryne - Heterocranaus - Paraprotus - Neopachyloides - Heteromitobates - Metamitobates - Neoancistrotus - Camposicoloides - Metaphalangodella - Paramicrocranaus - Metadasylobus - Metaphalangium - Metaplatybunus - Platybunoides - Gagrellenna - Gagrellina - Gagrellissa - Gagrellula - Paragagrellina - Paranelima - Metasclerosoma

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