Giupponia chagasi female paratype MNRJ dorsal

Giupponia chagasi female paratype

Giupponia is a monotypic genus of the harvestman family Gonyleptidae, subfamily Pachylinae. The only described species, G. chagasi, was found in two limestone caves in Serra do Ramalho, Bahia State, Brazil.

The long-legged species features several adaptations to cave life, such as complete eyelessness and lack of pigmentation.


The genus and species are named after arachnologist Alessandro Ponce de Leão Giupponi and myriapodologist Amazonas Chagas Júnior, respectively.


  • Pérez González, Abel & Adriano B. Kury (2002): A new remarkable troglomorphic gonyleptid from Brazil (Arachnida, Opiliones, Laniatores). Revista ibérica de aracnología 5: 43-50.

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