Guerrobunus franckei Crus-Lopez-2013
Guerrobunus franckei Cruz-López, 2013 from original description [1]









Guerrobunus Goodnight & Goodnight, 1945 is a genus in the family Phalangodidae, subfamily Phalangodinae.

History of GuerrobunusEdit

  • 1945: Goodnight & Goodnight[2] described the new genus Guerrobunus to contain their new species G. minutus
  • 1953: Goodnight & Goodnight[3] synonymized Guerrobunus under Cynortina Banks, 1909. [junior homonym of Cynortina Weise 1905:331 (Coleoptera:Chrysomelidae)]
  • 1974: Šilhavý[4] described a species in a new genus Caecoa (C. arganoi)
  • 1983: Goodnight & Goodnight[5] transferred their Cynortina to the next oldest name Dapessus Roewer, 1933. They synonymized some of the genera from their 1953 synonymy, but Guerrobunus was left unplaced. This rediagnosis of Dapessus clearly excludes Guerrobunus because of the higher number of tarsal elements and the genitalia differ greatly.
  • 1997: Vázquez & Cokendolpher[6] reinstated Guerrobunus, synonymizing it with Caecoa Silhavy, 1974, and described a third species (G. vallensis).
  • 2013: Cruz-Lopez[1] described a fourth species of the genus (G. franckei) and the description of a further species is awaiting publication[7].



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