Biology of Opiliones 2007

Biology of Opiliones (2007)

This book represents a great collective effort led by three eminent specialists in the order, who gathered a dream-team of two dozen authors to write many chapters detailing the state-of-the-art in the study of harvestmen.

Chapters and subchaptersEdit

1. What Are Harvestmen? - Glauco Machado, Ricardo Pinto-da-Rocha, and Gonzalo GiribetEdit

2. Morphology and Functional Anatomy - Jeffrey W. Shultz and Ricardo Pinto-da-RochaEdit

3. Phylogeny and Biogeography - Gonzalo Giribet and Adriano B. KuryEdit

4. TaxonomyEdit

  • CYPHOPHTHALMI. Historical Systematic Synopsis - Gonzalo Giribet
  • Neogoveidae Shear, 1980 - Gonzalo Giribet
  • Ogoveidae Shear, 1980 - Gonzalo Giribet
  • Pettalidae Shear, 1980 - Gonzalo Giribet and Sarah L. Boyer
  • Sironidae Simon, 1879 - Gonzalo Giribet
  • Stylocellidae Hansen & Sørensen, 1904 - Gonzalo Giribet
  • Troglosironidae Shear, 1993 - Gonzalo Giribet
  • EUPNOI. Historical systematic synopsis - James C. Cokendolpher, Nobuo Tsurusaki, Ana Lúcia Tourinho, Christopher K. Taylor, Jürgen Gruber, and Ricardo Pinto-da-Rocha
  • Caddidae Banks, 1893 - Ricardo Pinto-da-Rocha and Jürgen Gruber
  • Monoscutidae Forster, 1948 - James C. Cokendolpher and Christopher K. Taylor
  • Neopilionidae Lawrence, 1931 - James C. Cokendolpher

[to be continued]...


Pinto-da-Rocha, R., Machado, G. & Giribet, G. (2007) Harvestmen: the biology of the Opiliones. Harvard University Press, Cambridge and London, x + 597 pp.

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