Hasseltides primigenius from Regteren
Hasseltides primigenius Weyenbergh 1869, type specimen from Teyler Museum, by van Regteren Altena (1954).







Hasseltides Weyenbergh 1869 is a monotypic genus of supposed Opiliones. It was made more interesting because for a long time it was the single known Mesozoic harvestman. The synonymy was made by comparison with better preserved specimens from the same site, instead of comparing to recent animals.

Type speciesEdit

Hasseltides primigenius Weyenbergh 1869, which is a junior synonym of Saccocoma bajeri (Koenig, 1825).

Type data Edit

GERMANY, Bavaria, Solnhofen limestone.

Horizon Edit



Hasseltides is a junior synonym of the extinct crinoid genus † Saccocoma Agassiz 1836 (van Regteren Altena, 1954).


Hasseltides was originally thought to be a fossil spider of the family Agelenidae (Weyenbergh 1869). It was subsequently reinterpreted by Weyenbergh (1874) as a harvestman (following a personal communication by van Hasselt), and which he chose to place closest to Acantholophus. Later, Weyenbergh (1878) changed once more his opinion, and placed it in Gonyleptidae, closest to Pachylus. Petrunkevitch (1953) suggested it belongs to Laniatores. Hasseltides was eventually shown to be a crinoid (van Regteren Altena 1954).

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