Helia Soares
Helia Soares
Helia Soares, image from OmniPaper Project [1].




Tartu, Estonia

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Helia Eller Monteiro Soares was an Estonian arachnologist who came to Brazil at an early age and got Brazilian nationality. She married the arachnologist Benedicto Abilo Monteiro Soares and they formed a collaborative team who authored several papers on Opiliones, mainly dealing with Brazilian opilionofauna.

Notable contributionsEdit

Helia erected many genera in diverse families, such as: Amazonesia H. Soares, 1970 (Gagrellinae), Anoplogynopsis H. Soares, 1966 (Gonyleptidae), Baculigerus H. Soares, 1979 (Escadabiidae), Pararezendesius H. Soares, 1972 (Cryptogeobiidae), Sickesia H. Soares, 1979 (Stygnidae), Triaenonychoides H. Soares, 1968 (Triaenonychidae). Also Helia and Benedicto started an unfinished catalog of the Neotropical Opiliones of which only four parts were published (1948-1992).

See alsoEdit

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