Homalenotus quadridentatus (Cuvier, 1795) by Spoek 1963
Homalenotus quadridentatus (Cuvier, 1795), by Spoek (1963).









Homalenotus C.L.Koch, 1839 is a genus of Sclerosomatinae with 11 species from Mediterranean.


  • Homalenotus C.L. Koch 1839c: 23 [type species: Phalangium 4-dentatum Cuvier 1795 by subsequent designation of Thorell (1876)].
  • Homalonotus Agassiz 1846: 184 [unjustified emendation for Homalenotus C.L. Koch, 1839].
  • Sclerosoma Lucas 1858: 491 [unjustified replacement for Homalenotus C.L. Koch, 1839; type species: Phalangium 4-dentatum Cuvier 1795 by subsequent designation of Thorell (1876)].
  • Parasclerosoma Roewer 1915: 139 [type by monotypy Parasclerosoma armatum Roewer 1915; junior subjective synonym of Homalenotus C.L. Koch, 1839 by Grasshoff, 1959 and Kraus, 1959; the former was published one day earlier!].

Type speciesEdit

Phalangium 4-dentatum Cuvier 1795 by subsequent designation of Thorell (1876a) - now Homalenotus quadridentatus (Cuvier, 1795).

Remarks on HomonymyEdit

Lucas (1858), wrongly believing Homalenotus C.L. Koch, 1839 to be a junior homonym of Homalonotus Schoenherr 1836, proposed Sclerosoma as a replacement name, which was accepted e.g., by Simon (1879b), who created the subfamily Sclerosomatinae based on it. Subsequent authors, starting from Roewer (1923) retook the usage of Homalenotus.

Crawford's comment on this homonymy: "I am not certain who first proposed this synonymy. Roewer (1923 : 699) resurrected Homalenotus from its false homonymy, but Roewer (1923 : 702, 1957 : 338) attempted to maintain usage of Sclerosoma by dating it wrongly from Simon (1879b) and restricting it to an Algerian species of Lucas!" The name Sclerosoma was used as late as 1967 by Rambla.




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