J. Kratochvíl
Josef Kratochvil (6 Jan 1909 Velké Mezirici)
Josef Kratochvíl, from OmniPaper project.




Kúsky, Velke Meziřiči, Moravia, Czech Republic.

Life Span


Publication Span


Josef Kratochvíl was born in January 6, 1909.

Notable contributionsEdit

Kratochvíl worked on Nemastomatidae, proposing subdivisions now abandoned. He also worked on European cave-dwelling Laniatores. He created the family Travuniidae Absolon & Kratochvíl 1932 and the genera Carinostoma Kratochvíl, 1958, Centetostoma Kratochvíl, 1958, Giljarovia Kratochvíl, 1958, Histricostoma Kratochvíl, 1958, Lola Kratochvíl, 1937, Mediostoma Kratochvíl, 1958, Paralola Kratochvíl, 1951.

External resourcesEdit

OmniPaper Article on L. Koch, including opilio-publication list [1]

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