Jussara argentata
Jussara argentata
Jussara argentata (Roewer, 1953) (from original description)











Jussara argentata (Roewer, 1953) is a member of the genus Jussara (Eupnoi:Sclerosomatidae).




(from Tourinho & Kury, 2003)

Body predominantly blackish-brown, eye mound, in dorsal view, with shiny yellowish-white X-shaped marking. Second prosomatic tergite almost completely covered by a white stripe forming an arch. Dorsal scute with a lighter longitudinal wide stripe poorly defined, arculi genitales II and III blackishbrown, sternites XIII + XIV shiny white with a rounded blackish-brown spot in the middle (Figs 24-26); trochanter of legs II blackish-brown slightly lighter than the others. Ventrobasal spine of chelicera sharp-pointed (Fig. 30).


(from Tourinho & Kury, 2003)


  • Measurements. Body 4.1 mm, carapace 1.2 mm, dorsal scute 2.1 mm, chelicera 1.6 mm, pedipalp 5.3 mm, penis 2.0 mm.
  • Colour. FLS T5 with a small white spot at its posterior half, FLS T6 white. Supracheliceral laminae cream. Articular membrane of the coxae I-V white. Maxillary lobes of the first and second pair of coxae and chelicerae cream. Trochanter, femur, patella and tibia of pedipalps blackish brown, tarsus shiny white (Figs 24-26). Legs black. All parts described as white, without references to the hue, are shiny white.
  • Dorsal surface. Surface reticulate, just the granular areas white. Supracheliceral laminae distally armed with sharp-pointed granules. Eye mound armed with two rows of sharp-pointed spines.
  • Ventral surface. Lateral borders of the genital operculum unarmed, inner border of arculi genitales III unarmed.
  • Chelicera. Ventrobasal spine of basichelicerite sharp-pointed (Fig. 30).
  • Pedipalp. As in J. albiarcuata except for: inner apophysis of tibia half the size of apophysis of patella (Fig. 31).
  • Legs. Femoral formula 1/3/1/1.
  • Penis. Shaft 3 times wider than glans (Fig. 27). Winglets rounded-trapezoidal, very expanded laterally and not very prolonged longitudinally, right and left units fused only at their anterior portion in ventral view, dorsal and ventral laminae of winglets separated from each other only at their anterior portion in lateral view (Figs 27-29). Glans with two pairs of lateral setae, the superior pair inserted more anteriorly. Stylus straight (Figs 28-29).


  • Unknown


  • Location: Brazil: Bahia and Pernambuco (Recife)



  1. Roewer, C.F. (1953a) Neotropische Gagrellinae (Opiliones, Arachnidae). (Weitere Weberknechte XVII). Mitteilungen aus dem Zoologischen Museum in Berlin, Berlin, 29(1), 180-265.
  2. Tourinho, A.L., & Kury, A.B., 2003. A review of Jussara, with descriptions of six new species (Arachnida, Opiliones, Sclerosomatidae) from Brazil. Tropical Zoology, 16(2): 209-275.

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