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Jussara marmorata
Jussara marmorata
Jussara marmorata (Mello-Leitão, 1935) (from original description)











Jussara marmorata (Mello-Leitão, 1935) is a member of the genus Jussara (Eupnoi:Sclerosomatidae).




(from Tourinho & Kury, 2003)

Body, eye mound and trochanter of legs II beige, trochanters of legs I, III and IV brown. Carapace with an inverted black stripe forming an arch anterior to the eye mound, second prosomatic tergite and free prosomatic tergites with spots and wide brown stripes irregularly disposed, dorsal scute with both rounded spots and brown stripes irregularly disposed. Anterior portion of pedipalpal femur, patella and tibia dark brown, tarsus and chelicerae cream (Figs 143-145). Femoral formula: 1/4/1/1.


(from Tourinho & Kury, 2003)


  • Unknown


  • Measurements. Body 4.8 mm, carapace 1 mm, dorsal scute 2.6 mm, chelicera 1.5 mm, pedipalps 4 mm.
  • Colour. FLS T5, maxillary lobes of coxae I and II, posterior portion of coxae I and IV, arculus genitalis, arculi genitales, opisthosomatic sternites and free lateral sternites XI to XIV and anal operculum beige. Anterior portion of coxae I and/or IV, lateral sternites IX and X, almost entire surface of the genital operculum and legs brown (Figs 143-145).
  • Dorsal surface. Surface of the body densely reticulate. Supracheliceral laminae distally armed with sharp-pointed granules. Eye mound armed with two rows of sharp-pointed low spines.
  • Ventral surface. Lateral borders of genital operculum unarmed, arculi genitales II unarmed.
  • Chelicera. Ventrobasal spine of basichelicerite blunt (Fig. 147).
  • Pedipalp. As in J. albiarcuata except for: inner apophysis longer than wide, armed with sharp-pointed granules (Fig. 146).
  • Legs. Femoral formula 1/4/1/1.
  • Ovipositor. Genitalia in bad condition, not allowing a description.


  • Location: Brazil: Minas Gerais State, Cachoeira do Pajeú (22°24’44’’S, 42°57’56’’W).
  • Tourinho & Kury, 2003 gives date as 1934



  1. Mello-Leitão, C.F. de (1935d) Alguns novos opiliões do Estado de S. Paulo e do Distrito Federal. Archivos do Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, 36(1) [“1934”], 9–37.
  2. Tourinho, A.L., & Kury, A.B., 2003. A review of Jussara, with descriptions of six new species (Arachnida, Opiliones, Sclerosomatidae) from Brazil. Tropical Zoology, 16(2): 209-275.

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