Krusa flava
Krusa flava
Krusa flava Goodnight & Goodnight, 1946 (from original description)











Krusa flava Goodnight & Goodnight, 1946 is a member of the genus Krusa (Eupnoi:Sclerosomatidae).




(from original description)


  • Measurements Total length of body, 2.4 mm. Cephalothorax, 0.9 mm. Width of body at widest portion, 2.1 mm. Length of femora: I, 7.7 mm.; II, 15.3 mm.; III, 8.1 mm.; IV. 10.2 mm.
  • Dorsum finely granulate, supracheliceral lamella in the form of an expanded plate. Eye tubercle at the posterior portion of the cephalothorax, canaliculate, smooth.above. Venter and coxae finely granulate, rows of three-pronged teeth on the anterior and posterior margins of all coxae.
  • Legs with scattered hairs, small spines present on the trochanters, femora, patellae, and the proximal portion of the tibiae. These are heavier and arranged more or less in rows on the femora. Many small investing hairs on the tibiae, tarsi, and metatarsi. Metatarsi with false articulations. Nodules: 0-1-0-0.
  • Palpus: trochanter, 0.2 mm. long; femur, 0.7; patella, 0.3; tibia, 0.3; and tarsus, 0.3. Total length, 1.8 mm. Palpus clothed throughout with hairs which are more numerous on the tarsus. Ventral portion of femur with a row of small spines. Small scattered spines over the patella. Patella without anterior median apophysis but the anterior median portion swollen. Dorsal portion of patella with fine striations.
  • Chelicera normal, with scattered hairs.
  • Coloration Dorsum light orange, with brown pencilings on the lateral and posterior portions of the cephalothorax and in front of the eye tubercle. Segments of the abdomen indefinitely indicated by brown. Eye tubercle black above, light at the base. Venter and coxae light yellowish. Trochanters and bases of femora dark brown, contrasting. Legs light brown, distal portion of femora, patellae, and tibiae darker. Palpus concolorous with the venter, with some brown shadowings on the dorsal portion of the patella. Chelicera very light.


  • Measurements Total length of body, 2.4 mm. Cephalothorax, 0.8 mm. Width of body at widest portion, 1.9 mm. Length of femora: I, 6.9 mm.; II, 13.2 mm.; III, 6.7 mm.; IV, 9.6 mm.
  • Identical in appearance with the male.


Krusa flava is most closely related to K. annulata Goodnight & Goodnight, but differs in lacking the silvery markings on the cephalothorax.


  • Location: Mexico



  1. Goodnight, Clarence J. & Marie L. Goodnight, 1946. Additional studies of the phalangid fauna of Mexico. 1. American Museum Novitates, New York, 1310: 1-17.

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