Lacinius horridus Italy 3
Lacinius horridus from Italy, Roma by Claude54 ( [1])









Lacinius Thorell, 1876 is a genus of Eupnoi Phalangiidae Oligolophinae with 14 Holarctic species and also 3 nomina dubia.

Type speciesEdit

Phalangium horridum Panzer, 1794, by original designation


  • Acantholophus C.L. Koch 1839c: 27; L. Koch 1871: 61; Thorell 1876a: 464; Tullgren 1906a: 212 (key to Swedish species) [junior homonym of Acantholophus Dejean, 1834 and Boisduval, 1835 (Coleoptera); first declared invalid by Banks (1893a: 402) who correctly replaced it with Lacinius Thorell, 1876; type species: Opilio hispidus Herbst, 1798; by subsequent designation of Thorell (1876: 464); Simon (1879b: 253) wrongly stated the type to be Phalangium horridum Panzer, then considered distinct].


Acantholophus from Greek ακανθο- (thorn) + λόφος (crest). Gender masculine. Lacinius from a proper name of Greek mythology, as originally explained by Thorell (1876a). Gender masculine.


Lacinius angulifer (Simon, 1878) - Algeria, Morocco, Spain
Lacinius carpetanus Rambla, 1959 - Spain
Lacinius dentiger (C.L. Koch, 1848) - Ponto-alpine: from Greece and Bulgaria on to Bavaria and Austria
Lacinius ephippiatus (C.L. Koch, 1835) - Common Central European species
Lacinius erinaceus Staręga, 1966 - Georgia
Lacinius horridus (Panzer, 1794) - Common Southeast European species
Lacinius insularis Roewer, 1923 - Greece
Lacinius longisetus (Thorell, 1876) - Italy
Lacinius magnus Rambla, 1960 - Spain
Lacinius ohioensis (Weed, 1889) - USA
Lacinius regisalexandri Kratochvíl, 1936 -- Czech Republic, Slovakia
Lacinius ruentalis Kraus, 1961 - Spain
Lacinius texanus Banks, 1893 - USA
Lacinius zavalensis Hadži, 1973 - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Nomina dubiaEdit

Lacinius aculeatus (C.L. Koch, 1839)
Lacinius oblongus (Franganillo, 1920)
Lacinius tricuspidatus (Dufour, 1831)

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