Larifugella afra MN 11414 ma 2
Larifugella afra Lawrence, 1933. Photo copyright A.B. Kury.











Larifugella Staręga, 1992 is a genus  of Adaeinae with 5 species, from South Africa.


Lawrence[1] originally included two species in Larifugella, but did not choose any of them as a type. The generic name was then unavailable because failed to comply with ICZN 13.3 (see below). Staręga’s [2] action of choosing one of them as the type first made Larifugella available because this complied with 13.1.2 and 13.3. Relevant provisions from ICZN article 13 are: To be available, every new genus-group name published after 1930 must (13.1.1) be accompanied by a description or definition OR (13.1.2) be accompanied by a bibliographic reference to such a published statement AND (13.3) be accompanied by the fixation of a type species in the original publication. As Staręga’s name is published before 2000, it does not have to meet the article (16.1): Every new name published after 1999 must be explicitly indicated as intentionally new.[3].


From Lawrence[1]:
"Sternum slender triangular, widening suddenly near its base; tarsus I with 4, tarsus II with more than 10 segments; tarsus I with terminal section consisting of 2, II of 3 segments. Dorsal scute not divided by longitudinal and transverse strips of granules into smooth subquadrate areas, its granulation resembling that of Larifuga in consisting of minute bead-like granules and a pair of enlarged conical granules in each of the areas I–IV; free tergites with transverse rows of enlarged conical triangular granules, not cylindrical or papilliform; stigmata hidden beneath granules; genital operculum not covered with long papillae, usually with some rounded granules. Femur of pedipalp armed with strong teeth in the male. Legs rugose, femur of leg I unarmed below, similar to remaining legs. Secondary sexual characters of male present in the pedipalps, which are larger and longer and have their femora armed with stronger teeth than in the female."



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