Leiobunum ticiae Avram, 1968 was a species of Leiobunum which has had a complex taxonomic history. It is currently under the synonymy of Leiobunum gracile.


• Leiobunum tisciae Avram 1968b: 115; Martens 1978: 412 (partim); Weiss 1996: 275; Klimeš 2000: 126; Staręga 2004: 80; Stol 2010b: 35; Tomasson et al. 2014: 153 [junior subjective synonym of Leiobunum glabrum L.Koch, 1869 by Šilhavý (1981: 205); synonymy disclaimed by Klimeš (2000); junior subjective synonym of Liobunum gracile Thorell, 1876 by Martens & Schönhofer (2016: 10)].



  1. Avram, Ş. (1968b) Contribution à l'étude des Opilionides de la zone inondable de la Tisa entre les kilometres fluviaux 698–744. Avec la déscription d'une nouvelle espece: Leiobunum tisciae. Tiscia, Szeged, 4, 111–125.
  2. Šilhavý, V. (1981) Occurrence of Leiobunum glabrum in Czechoslovakia (Arach., Opilionidea). Věstník československé Společnosti zoologické, [Acta societatis zoologicae bohemoslovacae], Praha, 45(3), 204–208.

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