Alternative name for the 5th abdominal tergite in dorsal scutum of Opiliones which appeared in 1945. Used mostly for Laniatores for easily reference to armature formulas of Roewer.


This term (Brazilian Portuguese for "posterior margin") started to be used by Soares & Soares (1945; 1946[1]) as an alternative to Roewer's terminology: "presença de armadura par ou impar no limbo posterior (área IV de ROEWER)".

The first usage of this terminology is obscure. It suddenly started to pop up in the literature around 1945, without explanation, for example Mello-Leitão (1932) still used Roewer's terminology, but Mello-Leitão (1949) already used the new one. It was probably proposed and explained in the unpublished Benedicto Soares Ph.D. thesis (1945).

According to Roewer (e.g, 1913[2]) usage, it might be called area IV or area V, depending, respectively on the areas III-IV being fused to each other or free.

Correspondence of terminologiesEdit

Areas III-IV free (e.g., Pachylinae)Edit

  • Abd. tergite III = area III (Rwr) = area III (S&S)
  • Abd. tergite IV = area IV (Rwr) = area IV (S&S)
  • Abd. tergite V = area V (Rwr) = posterior margin (S&S)

Areas III-IV fused (e.g., Gonyleptinae)Edit

  • Abd. tergite III = area III (Rwr) = area III (S&S)
  • Abd. tergite IV = none
  • Abd. tergite V = area IV (Rwr) = posterior margin (S&S)

Examples of usageEdit

Brazilian authors, influenced by Soares (more than they thought) typically (but not always) used this terminology:

Use of "posterior margin"Edit

  • Kury (1989): "they possess five scutal areas (four mesotergal areas plus the posterior margin)".
  • Pinto-da-Rocha (2002): "Posterior margin with 2 tubercles."

Use of "area IV/V"Edit

  • Piza (1947): "Area V ac segmenta abdominalia dorsalia libera ordine granulorum."
  • Pinto-da-Rocha (1990): "Área V com duas fileiras de grânulos pilíferos."

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