Lola insularis Kratochvíl, 1937 by Ubick & Ozimec 2005
Lola insularis Kratochvíl, 1937, male, by Ubick & Ozimec (2005).







Lola Kratochvíl, 1937 is a monotypic genus of Phalangodidae. Lola insularis Kratochvíl, 1937 is an obligate cave dweller, endemic from Island Hvar in Croatia. A redescription of the species was made by Ubick & Ozimec (2005) [1].

Etymology Edit

Lola was the wife of Josef Kratochvíl, who accompanied him in the expedition which got the type material. Gender feminine.

Placement Edit

Lola originally in Phalangodidae Phalangodinae, later made the type genus of the subfamily Lolinae (Kratochvíl 1958). There was no formal synonymy of Lolinae, but this name started to fall in disuse, e.g, in Martens (1972; 1978). The last use of this name was in Staręga (1976).

Included speciesEdit

Lola insularis Kratochvíl, 1937

References Edit

  1. Ubick, D. & Ozimec, R. (2005) On the harvestman genus Lola Kratochvil (Opiliones: Laniatores). Natura croatica, Zagreb, 14 (3), 161–174.

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