Melanopa Thorell, 1889[1] is a genus of the family Sclerosomatidae, subfamily Gagrellinae.

In 1903 With[2] considered it to be a junior synonym of Gagrella Stoliczka, 1869. This synonymy was rejected by Roewer[3] and, although being adopted in Hallan's listing, Melanopa still widely regarded as a separate genus[4].

In his 1955 review, Roewer[5] provided three distinctive characters of the genus:

  • a pseudoarticular nodule on femur II
  • a median spine on scute II
  • femora I & III shorter than the body.

Zhang & Zhang[4] have suggested dividing the genus into two "groups":

  • the Palearctic group: grandis, guttata, ovata, satoi, wangi & zhui
  • the Indo-Malayan group: the other 27 species

Species ListEdit

As of 2013 there are 33 recognised species in the genus Melanopa[4]


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