Metacrobunus frontalis
Metacrobunus frontalis Banks-1930a
Metacrobunus frontalis Banks, 1930 - palpus (from original description)













Metacrobunus frontalis Banks, 1930 is a member of the genus Metacrobunus (Laniatores:Epedanidae).


  • M.f. Banks, 1930a:65[1]



(from Banks, 1930a[1])

Basal joint of mandibles globose above especially in the male, second joint enlarged at base in the male, in front with some hairs, but not on tubercles. Trochanter of the palpus unarmed; femur enlarged near tip, with four distinct tubercles below, each tipped with a short bristle; patella elongate, more than one-half of femur, with one spine near tip below, not on outer side; tibia no longer than patella, with four very long spines below; tarsus with three long spines; inner side, the patella has two spines near the tip, the tibia and tarsus each with three long spines; the bristle part of the spines is often bent from the basal part.

Eye tubercle low, broad, smooth, close to anterior margin. Body smooth, lateral margin of scuta granulate, and a row of granules on each segment, there are very few in the middle area of the scuta; ventral segments with rows of granules; coxae only slightly granulate, excpet the front pair which are strongly so. Legs short, the patella rather larger than usual.

Color above mostly dark, mottled with pale, two rows of spots more or less distinct on dorsum; mandibles heavily netted, palpi more or less netted; legs pale, patella netted, tibia sometimes partly so near tip; extreme base and tip of tarsus white; third and fourth tarsus with short, but dense, white scopula. Venter pale, the segments with dark bands, and coxae more or less netted with dark. Tarsal joints, 8, 20, 8, 9.

Body 3 mm., femora, 1.6; 3.6; 2.5; 3.5 mm.


  • Location: Borneo (Mount Pueh, Sarawak; 1°48'N 109°41'E)[1]



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