Paranemastoma quadripunctatum (Perty, 1833) by Silhavy 1956a
Paranemastoma quadripunctatum, by Šilhavý (1956).





Nemastomatidae Simon, 1872 is a family of dyspnoan harvestmen with 2 subfamilies, 20 genera and 198 species.


The subfamily Ortholasmatinae occur on both sides of the Pacific Ocean: in western North America from Mexico to British Columbia and eastern Asia (Japan and northern Thailand.

The other subfamily, Nemastomatinae, occur all over Europe up to Iceland and the Caucasus, in the Atlas Mountains of North Africa, from Anatolia to northern Iran, with a few species found outside this region, in Central Asia and the Himalayas. Most species are restricted to very small mountainous southern regions.

Subfamilies includedEdit

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