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Nemastomoides elaveris Thevenin, 1901
Nemastomoides elaveris Thevenin, 1901. Reconstruction from Pocock (1911).







Nemastomoididae Petrunkevitch, 1955 is a family of Dyspnoi with only one fossil genus, † Nemastomoides Thevenin, 1901.

Placement and compositionEdit

Originally included in Troguloidea. Dunlop (2007: 255)[1] considered them to be stem Phalangida. The type species comes from Carboniferous of France. A second species from Mazon Creek, Illinois, originally in Protopilio, was added by Dunlop (2004)[2].


Nemastomoides Thevenin, 1901Edit

  • Nemastomoides elaveris Thevenin, 1901 -- Coal Measures of Commentry, northern France. Upper Carboniferous.
  • Nemastomoides longipes (Petrunkevitch, 1913) -- USA, Illinois, Mazon Creek. Upper Carboniferous, Pennsylvanic, Lower Allegheny.


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