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Megalopsalis by NZW
Megalopsalis sp. - New Zealand - from flickr. Photo copyright © New Zealand Wild [Steve Reekie]]]





Neopilionidae Lawrence, 1931 is a family of Eupnoi Phalangioidea, distributed in the Southern Temperate regions of the world, and is divided into three subfamilies: Neopilioninae, Enantiobuninae and Ballarrinae. Has more than 60 described species (Kury 2014; Taylor 2011, 2013) of southern Hemispheric-Gondwanan distribution.

Included subfamiliesEdit

Ballarrinae Hunt & Cokendolpher, 1991 (Australasian, Neotropical, Afrotropical – 10 species)
Enantiobuninae Mello-Leitão, 1931 (Australasian, Neotropical – 52 species)
Neopilioninae Lawrence, 1931 (Afrotropical – 2 species)

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