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Neopilioninae is a monogeneric subfamiy of Neopilionidae. It was originally described by Lawrence, 1931[1]. The following Diagnosis & Description have been taken from Hunt & Cokendolpher's redescription[2].


Pedipalp patella and tibia thickened and with dense pile of plumose setae; patella only slightly longer than tibia, angle between them greater than 180°; plumose setae lacking in distal half on tarsus; claw without teeth; leg femora and tibiae without pseudoarticulations.


Integument very thin and soft. Posterior abdominal tergites and sternites faintly defined by grooves; abdominal spiracle usually not concealed beneath coxae IV; spiracle on leg readily visible. Muscle of penis short (tendon long); shaft without left ventrolateral barbed process. Ovipositor with 2 seminal receptacles. Pedipalp patella and tibia thickened and with dense pile of plumose setae; patella only slightly longer than tibia and angle between them greater than 180°; patella shorter than tarsus, plumose setae lacking on distal half of tarsus; claVi inserted terminally, reflexed, without teeth. Chelicerae small, first segment without a ventral spur; jaws each with continuous row of teeth of subequal size. Legs without pseudoarticulations in femora or tibiae, tarsi each with a smooth simple claw. Sexual dimorphism slight, present in pedipalp.



  1. Lawrence, R.F. (1931) The Harvest-Spiders (Opiliones) of South Africa. Annals of the South African Museum, Cape Town, 29(2), 341–508.
  2. Hunt, Glenn S. & James C. Cokendolpher, 1991. Ballarrinae, a new subfamily of harvestmen from the Southern Hemisphere (Arachnida, Opiliones, Neopilionidae). Records of the Australian Museum, Sydney, 43(2): 131-169.

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