Oligoopilionus aquaticus Ciobanu, 1977
Oligoopilionus aquaticus Ciobanu, 1977, holotype (Muzeul di Ştiinţe Naturale, Piatra Neamţ, Romania).



Oligoopilionus Ciobanu, 1977 is a monotypic genus of supposed Opiliones from Tertiary of Romania. It came from an aquatic environment and was recently refuted as an arachnid.

Type speciesEdit

Oligoopilionus aquaticus Ciobanu 1977.

Type data Edit

ROMANIA, Disodile inferioare Formation.

Horizon Edit



Originally in Phalangiidae. Crawford (1992) expressed vehement refutation of its arachnid nature, being followed in this conclusion by Dunlop (2007). Possible marine arthropod (Crustacea?).

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