Clinocippus albater - Ecuador - P Bertner
Clinocippus albater Roewer, 1932. Cranaidae, Ecuador. From flickr. Copyright © Paul Bertner [1].


Cypho - Eupnoi - Dyspnoi - Laniatores

Opiliones Sundeval 1833 is a cosmopolitan order of Arachnida with about 6500 species. They are the subject of this wikia, which is not only about taxonomy, but offers also other resources.

Included subordersEdit

False OpilionesEdit

A number of taxa (mainly fossils) have been originally created as members of the order Opiliones or at some point referred to Opiliones, but they were later proven to belong elsewhere. Examples of these are:

  • Dinopilio Frič, 1904
  • Hasseltides Weyenbergh, 1869
  • Oligoopilionus Ciobanu, 1977
  • Phalangites Münster, 1839
  • Rhabdotarachnoides Haupt, 1956
  • Stygophalangium Oudemans, 1933


A few checklists have been created in this wikia. They may refer to taxa or to regions. Some of the larger pages have built-in lists. Examples are:

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